This is the first account of the Monsterhearts game that I’m playing once a month with Jamie Fristrom, Sev Trooskin-Zoller, and Erin Sara Beach-Garcia. It’s mostly a record for us to remember what the heck is going on between widely-spaced sessions, but it might be interesting to others (though, probably not—play reports are kind of like describing the details of your marathon run to someone who wasn’t there).

Dramatis Personae

Sev graciously volunteered to MC for us, leaving three player characters. We’re all juniors in a fictionalized version of Concrete, WA (it’s a real place, look it up). Heading up toward the mountains in the middle of nowhere, with lots of trees and whatnot around. Our school is a commuter high school for the small towns in the surrounding area.

Logan, The Infernal (Jamie)

Logan is a nerd who discovered a “secret equation” on his computer that, it turns out, is something bad called the Emissary. Logan is a lonely kid, mostly ignored, not too much picked on. This one time, at the end of last year, Logan’s mom made him go to a school dance so he could “meet people”. He was miserable and alone, and Brooke danced with him. Since then, he’s been watching her, a little. He and Peter used to be besties when they were little, but Logan retreated into his nerdy pursuits at some point and they drifted apart.

Logan may or may not be bisexual. Or, rather, he probably is, but he hasn’t worked it all out yet.

Peter, The Werewolf (Erin Sara)

Peter is a tough kid who manages a level of popularity while still being a little removed from the popular kids. He hangs out with Tucker, the captain of the wrestling team (which is where the jocks are in absence of a football team) but isn’t on the team and seems to have some influence over him that we haven’t really figured out yet.

Last year, Peter was at an epic party out in the woods where everyone was wasted. He got bitten by a werewolf, but the memories weren’t all that clear. He’s slowly learning the extent of his abilities (or, if you prefer, curse). Peter and Logan were tight when they were kids, but they drifted apart as Logan began to withdraw into his nerdiness. Peter has been watching him, hoping that there was a way to get back what they once had. Recently, he drove Logan into “the city” (Bellingham) to get some computer parts or something, and Logan kind of owes him one for it.

Brooke, The Fae (Jay)

Brooke was born into a family that lived out in the middle of nowhere, even by the standards of concrete. Her parents were always at each other’s throats. When she was 10 she ran away into the woods and was “never found”. The parents soon split up and moved away. She was actually found by a full-blooded Fae who had chosen to live among mortals for reasons as yet unknown. Her adopted mother bestowed the gifts of the fae on her and they moved to Concrete together.

Brooke is on the volleyball team and is reasonably popular. There was that time last year when she danced with Logan at the Spring Fling to make the other girls stop laughing at him.


In no particular order.


Tom is into Brooke and sits right behind her in home room. She’s been nice to him, partly because she’s “nice to everybody,” and partly because he’s a good photographer, and is helping her get the school newspaper off the ground.


Apart from Logan, Jeff is the smartest kid in class. He’s well-rounded in his academics and is relatively cheerful. He is, at least in part, motivated to do well because he fears his abusive parents.


Bea’s dad is the go to pot dealer in town. She likes the money and what they can do with it, but tries not to think too hard about where it comes from. Very recently, she was walking on the train trestle with Tess and Mary. She was stoned and fooling around, and caused Mary to get caught and hit by a train.


Used to be friends with Bea, but blames her (rightly, it would seem) for Mary’s death. At least nominally friends with Brooke.


He’s a geek, but isn’t comfortable in the role. He’s nearsighted, but won’t wear his glasses, because he doesn’t want to look like a nerd.


Captain of the wrestling team. A douchebag.


Held back a year because last year she got pregnant and had an abortion. She likes to play video games.

Miss Mayberry

Home room teacher. She was the prom queen at school a decade or more ago, and tries to continue in that mode. Plays favorites.


Brooke’s best friend. She’s into theater and, perhaps, “drama”.


Tucker’s #1 crony. Sheldon’s cousin. He’s not comfortable with how much control Peter has over his friends, and wants to be top dog himself.

“Coach” Bartlett

Would be the football coach if there was a team. Uses P.E. as an excuse to indulge his gridiron fantasies. Trying to get Peter to be one the non-existent team, for which he holds practices and everything.


“Coach” Bartlett’s favorite suck-up.


The queen bee of the junior class. Dating Tucker. Not a nice person.


Jeff’s mom. Abused., but not all sunshine herself.