The metaphorical stovetop of my creative world is infinitely large. I suspect this is true of most creative people. When I have a new idea, which is, let’s face it, much more seductive than actually implementing an existing idea, I think about it for a while and then toss it on the back burner. I’m not sure I can count how many back burners are running at the moment. It’s getting old.

If I’m ever going to accomplish anything, I have to follow through on things and see them to completion. Part of that is acknowledging that they will never be as awesome in reality as they were in my imagination–but the thing that exists is always better than the thing that doesn’t.

So here, for myself and others to see, is the current list of projects that are being put on the front burner. These get the attention until thay’re done (and they might get a countdown if I think that’ll help):

  1. Wendy’s Pot Rack – this has been sitting in my shop making glacial progress for a year and a half. It’s not going to be the most amazing thing in the universe. I will be able top tell the parts that I screwed up, but Wendy probably won’t.
  2. Kroul – I started working on this roleplaying game in 2009. It had major problems. I overcame those problems before I started going back to school in 2010. At this point it’s just about knuckling down and doing the work.
  3. Flash – I was going strong on my Flash game development education for a while. It’s time to push through and create my first full-on (if small) game.

Okay you three. You have been warned.