Kroul made my short-list of projects to make progress on, so here’s a little about it:

When I was, I don’t know, maybe 12, I started playing D&D. And by “playing” I mean telling exciting fantasy stories with my friends while we all pretended to know how to play the game even though we didn’t. I had a couple of modules stolen from or cast off by my older brother. I’d read the descriptive bits out loud, ask everyone what they were doing, meaningfully roll random dice behind a cardboard screen, and then say whatever made sense to me, given the situation. It was a potpourri of childish wonder and random fantasy elements that I loved.

Kroul attempts to capture some of that innocent, seat-of-the-pants excitement in a game that has rules that will actually help the proceedings. But that’s not all: it also emphasizes the ensemble nature of the adventuring party that D&D has always more or less required. Characters in Kroul meaningfully bring things to the table for the whole group, and play requires smart collaboration and group tactics.

Importantly, Kroul rejects metaplot and canonical setting. It provides the very roughly defined world of Kroul (which is pronounced to rhyme with bowl) which provides flavor and prompts for your own creativity without getting in your way. It’s got rules to empower player contribution to setting and plot, and resources to make it easy for the GM to come up with adventures on the fly (there is a strict no intricate pre-work policy).

In short, it takes everything that I think is cool about cheesy fantasy games and makes it functional and fun to play while eliminating all the crap I hate. I think it rocks. Now I need to do some hard work to make sure that it does.

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