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Yesterday was the last day of my first week of winter quarter. I ended up dropping my Saturday drama class, because 25 credits was starting to feel crazy and the middle of the afternoon on Saturday is a really inconvenient time to be tied to a class. I’m still set up to take regular 15 credit quarters spring and summer and have a few more credits than required to graduate.

All of my classes this go round are arts related. I feel the difference coming out of week one. I’m excited and interested in everything I’m taking, and a little scared about the amount of creative output required (not to mention the reading). Overall, I’m feeling optimistic and cheerful. I’m a little worried about “artsy-fartsy” factor–the part of arts classes where instructors and fellow students wax philosophical about high-minded artistic concepts that may or may not be present in the work at hand. I think I’m up for it though.

Keep an eye out for artwork in progress here on the site, and also for more updates about school generally.