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Perhaps more for myself than anyone else, I’m going to keep track of my progress on “front burner” projects here every week on Sunday night.

This week was a little abnormal, being the first week of this site and the first week of a new quarter at school. I did get in a couple of hours of shop time working on the pot rack. I didn’t have anyone around to help me take some pictures in progress, but I did get a couple of shots between things and will post them sometime soon.

Nothing new on Kroul other than some mental sorting. And nothing whatsoever on Flash.

I did spend some time tinkering with Photoshop in anticipation of my Image and Imagination class. Also, I went out to take some pictures for that class today after a couple of frustrating days trying to find the right mirrors. I’ll post about that project in the next couple of days.

Now I’m looking forward to a week of adjusting to the new school workload and getting time in on my own projects. I can’t say that Skyrim is really helping, but I’m trying not to play it too much and to get other things done before I start.

That’s it for this week. Back in seven with the next report.