Today I found this transcribed voicemail message in my e-mail.

Well hi there, this is Anna Aller from Oklahoma. I am calling with a friendly reminder that we’ve got one sweet little show coming up here at the Fifth Avenue theater, what with all these three girls and handsome young fellow saying in an alert in whale. It is lively has a box social. And just about one of the nice’s wife is been in a bit I can think of and dancers from spectrum today at 38 or well, I declare there is Fred. He has a bunch of junk cold. Come on out to the Fifth Avenue theater and see Oklahoma, get all the details and tickets@WWW.5Avenue.org. Take care now. To be removed from our phone list you may call 1-800-679-0847

So, to be fair, I happen to know that voice recognition software can be really effective. Heck, even the built-in Windows stuff works reasonably well if you spend some time training it. But when it doesn’t work, I love that it almost always creates sentences that read like the inane ramblings of a crazy person.

In closing, remember kids, I declare there is Fred!