This new site is called His True Arte, which might make no sense, I don’t know. The first of two Italian fencing manuals printed in English in Elizabethan London was His True Arte of Defence by Giacomo di Grassi, published in 1594. The banner image that I will be using, if Word Press ever condescends to actually upload it when told, is taken from the second such manual, His Practice by Vincentio Saviolo. None of which explains my use of the title. I want to be free to talk about all the “arts” of my life: games, stories, blacksmithing, swordplay, and whatever else comes along, rather than being focused on one topic. Also, I’m still getting used to the idea that it’s okay to be interdisciplinary in my art. So, yeah. My true art. With an extra ‘e’ because that’s how I roll.